Carr's Special Organic Compost



Based on Earthworm Digested Manure. The worm casts are mixed with the finest quality organic ingredients.

Carrs Special Organic Compost

  • Multi-purpose.
  • Odourless and pleasant to handle.
  • Sustains vigorous growth over a long period.
  • Natural enzymes promote root development.
  • Moisture retentive.
  • Ideal for general greenhouse use.
  • Excellent for pots and containers.

Available in 15 l. and 40 l. bags.

Why worm casts:

Worm casts make a first class compost base, the material has an excellent texture being both odourless and moisture retentive, with all the nutrients contained in good farmyard manure presented in a more readily available form. As an added bonus the digestive process of the worms produce enzymes which promote root development, thus reducing 'planting shock' when taking cuttings or transplanting. Results from research carried out worldwide, including Britain, confirms that worm casts have these desirable qualities, they also show that good quality casts are too concentrated and valuable to use neat as a compost.