Carr’s Special Organic Ornamental Mulch & Feed

Based on traditional farmyard manure from straw bedded cattle yards. This is composted, dried and shredded, then mixed with a high quality ornamental bark.

Carr’s Special Organic Ornamental Mulch & Feed

  • Mulches and feeds in one operation.
  • Nutrients slowly released into the soil.
  • Considerably reduces weeding.
  • Helps retain moisture around plants.
  • Improves the appearance of all types of borders.
  • Protects roots of plants from extremes of temperature.
  • ph neutral.
  • Peat free.

Available in 80 l. bags.

How to use:

Remove existing weeds.

Spread mulch 1-2" (25-50mm) thick on flower, rose and shrub borders.

As a guide:

One 80 l. bag will cover 3 sq.m. at a depth of 1" (25mm).