Carr's Special Organic Soil Improver

Carrs Special Soil ImproverBased on traditional farmyard manure from straw bedded cattle yards. This is composted, dried and shredded, then mixed with fine, composted bark.

  • Light, easy and pleasant to handle.
  • Ideal for clay or sandy soils.
  • Improves soil structure and fertility.
  • Perfectly blended and rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash.
  • Improves drainage and aeration.
  • Improves water holding capacity.
  • Helps establish plants.
  • ph neutral.
  • Peat free

How to use:

When planting trees and shrubs:         

Mix approx. 25% Soil Improver with the soil that is backfilled around the plant


Vegetable garden:

Work approx. 25% Soil Improver wherever the vegetables are planted.


As a Mulch:

Spread an inch (25mm) layer on the surface and let the worms work it in.


For Roses:

It is particularly good to mix into the soil when planting roses and to mulch established roses annually.